Specialized, Manual, Self-Massage

Tools For Ankylosing Spondylitis

(Set of Two Separate Tools)

Give Yourself 1 Minute Self-Massage

Learn How Below. Call for Free Help: 978-927-9234.

Use Like A Towel, Silent Operation.

1. Trigger Point & Bone Trigger Self-Massager

For Trigger Point, Bone Trigger, Pressure Point, Acupressure and Shiatsu Massage. With Free Shipping anywhere in the USA. Frame is sturdy, lightweight aluminum with snap-on Handles with foam rubber Grips. Links to Free Charts of Acupressure Points at Bottom of Page.

2. Morning Stiffness Self-Massager

For Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage

(Effleurage: Superficial, Deep, & Feather Strokes). This Massager has a sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame with Two Large Wheels and snap-on Handles with Soft Rubber Grips. With Free Shipping Anywhere in the USA.

Main Uses

  1. For Back-To-Sleep Massage in the Middle of the Night (learn how below).

  2. For Relief of Morning Stiffness from Arthritis and AS. Quickly Increase Circulation (see how below).

  3. Easily and Precisely Reach Any Part of your Body (see how in pictures just below).

  4. Control Amount of Pressure, Wobble and Vibration.

  5. No Need To Lie Down; Use Standing or Sitting.

  6. Give Yourself a Quick Massage Many Times a Day.

  7. Use Anytime as Back Scratcher.

  8. Use This Set of Massagers to Compliment the Work You Do with Your Physical Therapist and/or Massage Therapist.

  9. Relieve Aches and Pains from Reading and Working at Your Desk or Office.


Call to Order or Ask Questions: 978-927-9234

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Trigger Point & Bone Trigger Self-Massager with Free Shipping anywhere in USA.

Morning Stiffness Self-Massager with Free Shipping anywhere in USA.

Set of Both Self-Massagers $98.00 set, with Free Shipping anywhere in USA.

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Instruction Manual

How To Use

Follow Directions Below for 1 Minute Self-Massage.

Learn from the pictures below how to reach any part of your body with either Massager.

Note: Wheel distance is carefully engineered to allow simultaneous long strokes along both sides of the spine.

  1. 1.Hold and use just like a towel. Complete routine below in 1 minute.

  2. 2.Add just as much (or little) pressure as you desire on each handle.

  3. 3.Reach any part of your back, neck, shoulders, bottom, or thighs.

  4. 4.Optionally start with super light feather strokes to create electrical waves.

  5. 5.Rub up and down your back, with one wheel on either side of your spine (never roll across your spine).

  1. 6.Then roll both wheels up and down either side of the spine; start with moderate pressure, then adjust pressure as desired.

Next, roll back and forth across your neck, moving from left to right.

  1. 7.Next, Roll back and forth across the top of your shoulders,

  2. 8.Then, Roll up and over each shoulder. Note: Upper palm is face up and lower palm is facing out from back.
  3. 9.Roll back and forth across your lower back. Start on left side.
  4. 10.Then move to right side.
  5. 11.Roll back and forth across your buttocks. Start on left.
  6. 12.Then move to right.
  7. 13.Roll up across the bottom of each of your thighs. Start on left.
  8. 14.Then move to right.

  1. 15.Use edge of wheel to loosen tight areas.

  2. 16.Hold wheels stationary for Pressure Point massage, applying as much pressure as needed.

  3. 17.No need to lie on the floor.

  4. 18.Choose from three different feels, wearing: no clothes, just a shirt, or a fleece jacket.

  5. 19.Use daily.

  6. 20.Share with family, college roommates, or office coworkers.

  7. 21.Unsnap handles for travel. Unit breaks down into three, short, nestled pieces. Consider taking your unit back and forth to work. To attach handles, line up the two dimples on the left handle right next to the two dimples at the left end of the base.

  8. 22.Use the Pressure Point Massager on any knots of tightness you locate with the Swedish Massager.

  9. 23.After a visit to the restroom, and then a one-minute massage as described above, and perhaps a sip of water, return to your bed and surrender to the relaxing muscles you now feel all about you. Resonate with your newfound relaxation and circulation, and soon you will be back asleep.

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Adjustable Neck Strap (Lanyard) for Any iPhone or iPhone Case, or Any Other Smartphone or Smartphone Case.


Use Rotating & Tilting iPhone Holder 25 Separate Ways.

Read on Either Side with Rotating & Tilting iPad Holder.



Eye-Level Book Stand with Adjustable Height: 24”-40”, Adjustable Width, Adjustable Tilt, and Adjustable Distance from Eyes. Designed for AS, RA, PD, and Stenosis.

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