Prevent Neck, Shoulder, & Back Pain

With Our Specialized iPad Holder:

Adjust Height, Tilt, Rotation & Distance;

For All Desks, Arm Chairs, Sofas,

Bed Tables, & Reading on Your Side in Bed.

Also Exercise Without Boredom or Discomfort (see below)


Many Uses

(See Directions For Setup And Operation Below)

  1. Read lying down, sitting up, or resting on either side in bed. Rotates and tilts as needed, and rises above covers. Use with all bed tables. Adjustable height. Fits in attache case.

  2. Use Exercising on Elliptical, Recumbent Bike, Upright Bike, and Treadmill.

  3. 360 degree rotation, with or without charging cable.

  4. Screen Held Up above desk surface for low footprint. Pile other items on base.

  5. Front-to-Back Tilt adjusts, folds flat.

  6. Read in an armchair (lap pillow optional).

  7. Read in car/bus/train seat, or sofa (avoid bending your neck).

  8. Read on a desk or table, hands-free, in portrait or landscape mode.

  9. Use for video calls (FaceTime or Skype).

  10. Use for selfies or regular photos.

  11. Use as professional copy stand.

  12. Use for close up photography.

  13. Use as portable video stand

  14. Use to display recipes in kitchen.

  15. Use as standup desk or speaking lectern.

  16. Made with rugged, 1/4” clear Plexiglass, hand flame polished, with an aluminum frame. Base Plate 11” x 8.25”.

Please note: When you read on your left side in bed, the top edge of your unit needs to tilt up to the right (towards feet). When you read on your right side, the top edge of your unit needs to tilt to your left (towards feet). For this reason your holder has to rotate. Rotation also enables reading sitting up, in either landscape or portrait mode, see photos above.



Exercise Without Boredom Or Discomfort.

Use On Elliptical, Recumbent Bike, Upright Bike OR Treadmill; Adjust Height, Distance, Tilt and Rotation. Folds Flat To Carry.

Most people are surprised to learn that they can read silently just ahead of spoken text as they exercise, and that this will completely eliminate boredom and physical discomfort while exercising.

You will also get your reading done at high speed. You will find that you have gotten an endorphin rush from your cardio workout, as you have done your reading. You can also listen to music at reduced volume while you read just ahead of text read out loud, at your choice of speed from normal speaking rate (about 150 words per minute) up to 450 words per minute. Type is in large font, pages turn automatically, and you can pause whenever you want. Read in either portrait or landscape mode.

This approach is also great for increasing focus and concentration. It is ideal not only for all exercise on an elliptical machine, recumbent exercise bike, upright exercise bike, or treadmill, but it is also ideal for ADHD and general reading at a desk or in an armchair, or on your side in bed. Quickly move from one machine to another.

All you need is your iPad and our special Rotating iPad Holder.


Call with Questions, or to order by phone: 978-927-9234. We accept Visa and Master Card.

Price: $95.00 each, with $14 shipping anywhere in the USA. Tell us which device you have. Free shipping in USA on second unit ordered at the same time.

30 Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.

We have a separate models for the iPhone  and iPad mini.

Directions For Setup And Operation

Your Rotating iPad Stand comes completely assembled out of the box.

However, you will have to adjust it for your particular iPad and for the type of case you are using, if any. The unit comes preset for a standard iPad, without a case.

To raise the lectern, place one hand on the base and lift the lectern up (against the riser) until the lectern is at the height you want. Then bend the front of the lectern down to the angle you wish, and then rotate the lectern as much as you want.

Slide your iPad in and out of the two angle brackets covered with Velcro. One angle is permanently fixed and the other is adjusted just once. On the side of each bracket is a strip of Velcro hooks which you can adjust up or down for your particular iPad (including earlier models) and for the thickness of any case you may be using on your iPad.

Remember to slide your iPad in and out of the brackets; do not try to press your iPad into the brackets over the Velcro strips.

Next, slip the two rubber bands over the top edges of the iPad to keep the iPad from coming out if it gets rotated.

The riser on the iPad holder provides a wonderful handle for holding the unit when you move it around your room, etc.

The two rubber bands are standard size and provide a very successful way of keeping a keyboard from moving on the base of the unit, and also keep the base of the unit from moving on a table or other flat surface.

Your iPad provides a wonderful case for your iPad, if you wish. You can leave it in the holder for most days. When folded flat the unit, with iPad, easily fits into a standard attache case or backpack.

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