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Learn About Pragmatic Realization Therapy

Here are six key points about this reading program.

1. MULTIMEDIA APPROACH. The underlying discovery behind this way to read is that neither high-speed voice by itself, nor high-speed text presentation by itself will work for most people to improve either their reading speed or their comprehension. However, if you combine high-speed voice with high-speed text presentation that is carefully correlated by sentence, you can quickly read and comprehend at good speed and high enjoyment, and quickly learn how to read much faster. You can almost immediately use this technique for anybody in middle school, high school or college to read any textbook, novel or other literature very well. A separate part of the software helps people with basic decoding, automaticity and fluency.

2. NON-INTUITIVE PRINCIPLES. The second key discovery here is that in order to do this, you have to learn a few principles that are not intuitive. For example, in our approach, the textbook sits on a lectern directly below the computer screen. As students read the main text with high speed Voice and Text, they pause to examine charts, diagrams, illustrations, tables, maps, etc. in the printed text below. Combining our reading software with the printed textbook creates a totally new multimedia experience that is very enjoyable and highly successful. The printed textbook is essential for this approach. Because you experience total control over simultaneous voice and text presentation, as well as graphics, the experience is even greater than attending a lecture where you were in control of just speed and repetition.  Students actually choose to read assigned material. You must actually experience this increased enjoyment, concentration and comprehension to believe it. You must be willing to experience something new.

3. PRAGMATISM. The third principle is that you have to realize that you are in charge of the controls, and that you need to set the controls for what works for you, realizing that you will need to change the settings as your circumstances change. Behind this whole reading approach is a philosophy of pragmatic realization, which states that with the help of a coach and some basic instruction of concepts that are not self-evident, you can make pragmatic evaluation of what is in your own best interest and set aside old habits in favor of what clearly works better. What works to improve a student’s reading skill is not a teacher-knows-best attitude, but a coach and self-discovery approach for self-empowerment. This approach is called Pragmatic Realization Therapy.

4. WRITING IMPROVEMENT. The fourth key discovery is that a basic reading program can also act to greatly improve writing, and as one reads. One can take notes without typing, or type notes and inspiration as one reads, with the book and pages held hands-free. Students can create word-lists and definitions without typing. Students can edit their papers with state-of-the-art audio technique. Students can also review their notes and course textbooks at very fast speed, seeing and hearing every word. Most importantly, we teach how to read by punctuation intervals; how to think about each one, and how each punctuation interval is related to the next punctuation interval in a sentence. This is the basis of good writing. As you learn how to improve your reading with our approach, you automatically start to improve your writing.

  1. 5. READING IMPROVEMENT. The fifth key discovery is that as you read this way you will quickly overcome a number of problems simultaneously, and with just this one program. This program will help you if you twist up letters and words. Furthermore, you will quickly start to process text at the speed your brain works; you will not get distracted. You will also see text clearly. This same single reading program can be used for a wide range of courses and a lifetime of reading. Furthermore, you will hear text spoken as it is presented, so your English pronunciation will quickly improve. If you are just an average reader, you will quickly learn how to overcome sub-vocalization and lip reading and begin to hear an inner voice and turn descriptive text into pictures and movies.  Most importantly, anxiety disappears as you instantly start to read at or above grade level with enjoyment, speed and accomplishment. This means that one program is ideal for a large number of users to use for their assigned reading.

  1. 6. SHARING KNOWLEDGE. The clarity of knowledge acquired, the degree of instant empowerment and the sheer joy of this process of reading causes readers to want to share what they have just learned. Often this results in extensive writing in a journal or note section. Students also start talking with their teachers and/or other students.