Adjustable Phone Lanyard

For All iPhones and Other Phones


Hang From Neck

Adjust Up and Down

Office In Shirt Pocket

Match Your Outfit

We provide both a Back Nylon Neck Strap and a Clear Tubing Neck Strap (FDA Approved). Switch quickly and easily.

Industrial Adhesive Holder

For the back of any iPhone or iPhone Case with a Snap-On Adjustable Lanyard. Also use with any other smartphone.


$14.95 each + $5 Shipping Anywhere in USA.

Free Shipping in USA on 2nd-6th Holder Ordered at the Same Time

and shipped to the same point.

14 Ways To Use

  1. Instant Access; get your iPhone fast when it rings/vibrates.

  2. No more dropping, loosing, or forgetting your iPhone.

  1. End pocket damage.

  2. Work with your hands as you talk on the phone.

  3. Easily adjust height of iPhone on lanyard.

  4. Prevent damage from rain, sleet, snow, spray, sand and sweat, with special Raincoat for Holder (optional). See below.

  5. Quick and reliable access in emergencies for seniors and disabled.

  6. Drive safely with hands-free phone use.

  7. Listen to music hands-free as you walk, hike, jog, run, workout at your gym, or solo dance with earphones.

  1. Proudly show off your iPhone in all its naked glory (no case needed).

  2. Ride bicycle outdoors safely, listening to music with a separate speaker below each ear (no earphones).

  3. Take Photos with extra support.

  4. Talk to Siri (Assistant) and dictate.

  5. Hands-free video