How To Organize Your Kitchen

With Our Free Standing

Plexiglass Shelving Units

4 and 6-Shelf Units for Your Kitchen Counter or Display

Elegant, Heavy Duty, Open, Modular, and Movable

Shelf Size 13.5” X 15.5”

(Call Us for Custom Designs: 978-927-9234)


Regain Your Kitchen Work Area:

    Double your kitchen table space.

    Keep space neat and organized.

Save Time Each Meal:

    Access pots, pans, bowls, canisters,

    and appliances quickly.

    Easily recycle and reuse food


    Work more efficiently.

Elegant Design:

    Kitchen items appear to float in air.

    Kitchen equipment looks hi-tech.

    Open edges of Plexiglas shelves are

    hand flame polished.

Large Capacity:

    Base and 5 raised shelves are 38" high.

    Each shelf is 13.5" X 15.5".


    Arrange shelves in different spacing

    order (start: 7”, 5”, 8.5”, 7”, 5”).

    Subtract shelf if desired.

    Also use base as cutting board.

Mobile Design:

    Move shelving unit around your kitchen as your needs change.

    Use in other rooms in your home.

    Move it from one apartment to the next.

    Assemble and disassemble quickly, without any tools.

    Add optional caster floor-base.

Also Use For:

    Collectables (in any room)

    Plant(s) on top shelf

    Closet storage

Stable, High-Tech Design:

    Aluminum and 1/4” clear Plexiglass construction.

    Turnbuckles on three sides prevent wobble or tipping.

    Easy to clean.

Local Manufacture and Service:

    Made in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA


    30 Day unconditional satisfaction guarantee


    Cost of the 6-Shelf, Free Standing, Shelving Unit is

    $295.00 and $25.00 shipping, anywhere in USA.

    Cost of the 4-Shelf, Free Standing, Shelving Unit is

    $195.00 and $25.00 shipping, anywhere in USA.

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